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Let's Talk Fragrance-Free.


Omiana does not use any artificial fragrance, perfume, chemical fragrances, or potential sources of endocrine disruptors. Any aromas detected are created merely from the ingredients themselves. Artificial fragrance, also known as perfume or parfum, can contain allergens and irritants and is especially concerning for those with skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea, or during pregnancy - the list goes on!


Artificial fragrance is one component to keep a close eye on, but it still comes down to the ingredients. Here's the thing: formulations can be without fragrance but still be formulated with plenty of no-go, toxic ingredients. Be sure you are shopping brands that use the highest quality materials and fully disclose every last ingredient.

Fragrance-free beauty products can still smell.


You read that right, and, when you think about it, it's only common sense:


Your nose and sensory systems perceive an aroma from everything - your skin, your hair, the fruit at the back of your fridge, the almond flour in the pantry. Good skincare and makeup formulas are no exception. They can contain antioxidant-rich ingredients that may impart aroma and essential oils and extracts that provide natural preservation properties may have an aroma. Another caveat, though, is to understand that anyone can be sensitive to anything: even a straight-up non-toxic rated ingredient can make one person react but be pure perfection for another. Something you didn't react to last year might be a huge catalyst for you now. Our bodies are dynamic, ever-changing, and sometimes we develop tolerance cut-offs as we journey through life.

The main takeaways


  • Even without synthetic fragrance, formulas will have an aroma.
  • Fragrance can be in toxic formulas as well as those regarded as "clean".
  • Just because a formula does not have fragrance does not mean it's inherently "clean," either.


Omiana does not use synthetic fragrances. Naturally, ingredients mixed together will emit an aroma: the below products are those that emit the least amount of aroma, even, and our customers who are most sensitive to any-and-every smell love Omiana's pure choices!