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Affiliate Program

Are you helping spread the word about non-toxic Omiana? Do you have a website, blog, or desire to simply talk to your friends and family about the utmost non-toxic makeup (that's right, you don't have to have a website or blog!)? Let us pay you a slice of every sale you send our way. NOTE: Omiana affiliates must have made at least one Omiana purchase. After all, you're going to be an ambassador for these formulas and need to love them!

It's simple:

-- We generate a unique-to-you code. Give this code to your friends and post it to your social accounts: it gives them a discount,


-- and ties sales back to you so we can pay straight into your PayPal. For every sale that connects back to you, we pay 10% of that sale's value (excluding the discount and tax/shipping)! 


-- Please fill out the online affiliate application below, after reading this information, at the bottom of this page. A rep will review your application and contact you; due to volume, please expect a few days up to a month.


-- If you do also have a blog, we provide banners and imagery on your affiliate dashboard under the Creatives tab. 


A few pointers:

-- You CAN share your code around your social media networks, email newsletters, etc.


-- Please do NOT share the code on sites that are coupon-y, like Groupon.


-- Please DO educate your friends, family, and followers; not everyone understands the dangers of makeup ingredients, even mineral makeup ingredients. Even some who do understand won't want to change - learn about your ideal go-to's who are likely to really care about non-toxic living!


-- Let us know how we can help! 



Assuming I'm accepted, where do I log in?

This is your go-to for seeing payouts and your affiliate info.


Is every application automatically accepted?

As you probably expect, Omiana has a vetting process. We are most apt to partner with affiliates who have a clear penchant for non-toxic living; a passion for and loyalty to Omiana and our mission; and genuine care for people and animals.

If a blogger/site owner, of consideration is a memorable 'voice' and online presence; a regular, systematic posting regime; proven histories of product reviews and/or giveaways; active social platforms with interactive followers; channels with over, preferably, 200 subscribers (for YouTube vlogs).


Why might my application be rejected?

We need you to know and love these products - which means having exposure to them by already being a customer.

For site owners/bloggers, thank you for understanding that sites are accepted or rejected based on our sole discretion. Possible reasons why sites may be declined for affiliate partnership include the following: (1) We are unable to access website or site under construction; (2) the site is invalid (non-functional / non-loading / personal social media account . . .); (3) website traffic is low / inactive site / irregular site postings and updates; (4) site contains content deemed to be inappropriate; or (5) website content does not currently fit with Omiana . . .


Do you send free product to affiliates?

If you do have a blog with a modest following at minimum and we've chatted via this form, perhaps, but we do not send out free product for the affiliate program.


Can I use my unique affiliate link to make Omiana purchases for myself or others?

Thank you for understanding that you cannot order products using your own affiliate link. As the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions state, you may not use your own link to make purchases. We monitor accounts daily and take this matter very seriously. Such misuse of an affiliate link results in termination from the program. We DO create a personal discount code for you to use for shopping on, that way you are getting the same discount your affiliate code gives your friends and followers.


Why isn't my affiliate link working?

First, login to your account and make sure you are using the correct affiliate link.

Second, wait at least a day to check your reports. The system is not instantaneous and may take a day to calibrate.

Third, because the software uses cookies, if a person has cookies turned off in their browser, the link can't be tracked. It's quite rare that people have cookies turned off, but some do, so it may be worth noting to your followers / friends. 


When will I see pay-out?

When your earnings are over 25 dollars, we pay it into your PayPal account.


What if it's not over 25 dollars?

It will sit in your affiliate 'bank' with us until over 25 dollars. Don't worry, it won't go anywhere. Say one month you have 23 in commission--that own't get paid-out just yet. Say the following month you have 89 in your affiliate account--we'd pay out the 89 and the 23 from the prior month.


    Please review Affiliate Terms as well as Site Terms and Privacy Policy. Contact us if we can help out, and thank you again for your acumen and care! Go, non-toxic! 

    Before we can approve your application you must email a completed W-9 form. The form can be downloaded from here.